The Epic Vegan Frozen Desserts List

Summer may be winding down across many parts of the globe, but here in Spain, we are still baking in the heat. I’ve been on a summerlong quest to search out every awesome vegan frozen dessert known to man, and it seems like I’ve cracked it.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the EPIC vegan frozen desserts list 2019 (as in, I plan to make it even more awesome every year). Nearly 150 carefully curated and sorted delicious recipes from the most fabulous bloggers.

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Each amazing recipe has been carefully sorted into its own numbered section to make they icy goodness even easier to find. Dying for a vegan creamsicle? Or a vegan ice-cream sandwich? Then read on for the whole delicious list or use the jumps below to get to where you need to be!


Vegan Popsicles Recipes

Cool refreshing icy vegan popsicles, ice pops or freezer pops... Call them what you will there is no doubting how refreshing they are. Generally lower in calories than their ice-cream counterparts, there is no reason not to indulge. Especially not with 38 vegan popsicle recipes to browse through!

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