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The Epic Vegan Frozen Desserts List


Vegan Ice-Cream Sandwiches

I have 6 beautiful ice-cream sandwiches lined up for you here in this section. Put your hand up if you think that ice cream sandwiched between two soft biscuits or giant cookies is the best thing EVER? For vegans, it's pretty much a double whammy of tasty things that are normally not vegan-friendly, so the bloggers who made these recipes are straight-up heroes!

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Vegan Ice-Cream Bars

What is the difference between an ice-cream bar and an ice-cream sandwich? Not too sure about that one to be honest! Ice-cream bars are basically no-bake frozen bars with ice-cream as the main ingredient but not the only ingredient. While some can be eaten with your hands, the presence of chocolate in many ice-cream bar recipes makes a stick essential unless you want sticky hands. Here are 6 for you to try, and it's going to so difficult choosing the first one to try as they all look so delicious!

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Vegan Ice-Cream Bites, Cakes and Pies

All I wanted for my birthday when I was a child was an ice-cream cake. Bit of a silly choice what with my birthday being in August, but hey honestly in Ireland it's nearly as likely to be snowing as it is to be hot during the summertime.

Weather changeability aside, I have 8 tasty-looking recipes here covering vegan ice-cream cakes ( I will totally finally get one), ice-cream pies, and some delectable miniature ice-cream bites.

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Easy Vegan Frozen Desserts

Finally, the last list of luscious deliciousness. In this category, you'll find 23 vegan frozen dessert items that resemble more traditional dessert items, but are frozen (and generally no-bake, so yay!). Including cakes, cheesecakes, fudge, pies, tarts, bars, and cupcakes...what more can I say but: You're going to REALLY like these.

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Fitoru fitness

Saturday 23rd of November 2019

These are very nice! Vegans need not suffer tasteless deserts. Quite wonderful.


Thursday 22nd of August 2019

This truly is an epic list! Thanks for including my avocado key lime pies x

The Fiery Vegetarian

Thursday 22nd of August 2019

They're so pretty! I can't wait to make them!