Chocolate Walnut Cookies – Vegan, Pink, & Purple!

These chocolate walnut cookies are amazing! Vegan and in pretty shades of pink and purple, they make the perfect Valentine’s day gift or would be a hit at baby showers and birthday parties. Loaded with thick dark chocolate chunks, crunchy walnut, and tart cranberries, with no artificial colouring, can you guess how I coloured them?

A stack of pink and purple cookies next to a glass with non-dairy milk in it

How to colour your cookies naturally.

I try and avoid chemically-laden food colouring and stick to colouring my food with as natural a product as possible. This time was no exception, and I used puréed beetroot and frozen fruits of the forest to get the colours I was looking for.

Not only did the beet and fruits of the forest colour these cookies beautifully, but as the purée was quite thick, I was able to sub out a lot of the oil you usually see in cookie recipes. Plus, with vegetables, fruit, nuts and dark chocolate, these cookies might just not be as bad for you as you would think! Practically getting in your five-a-day (well, maybe that’s a stretch…).

A pink chocolate walnut cookie close-up
Pink cookie!
A purple chocolate walnut cookie close-up
Purple cookie!

(Full disclosure they do have plenty of sugar though!)


These cookies are NOT difficult to make, but you do need to decide from the beginning whether you want both pink and purple cookies, just pink ones, or just purple ones. If you want both colours, you can either divide up the dry ingredients in two bowls when mixing them together, or mix them up in one bowl and then divide them into two different bowls.

I opted to mix everything up in one bowl and then divide, weighing the filled bowls to make sure I had divided the dry ingredients evenly.

Chunks of dark chocolate, cranberries, chopped walnuts

After you have two separate bowls of dry ingredients, purée up your fruit and beetroot (separately!!!) in a high-speed blender. I did not feel like battling beets so I just chucked in the part-cooked ready-peeled vacum-packed type of beetroot….Add the amounts of purées needed.

  • For pink and purple cookies, add 50g beetroot purée to half the dry ingredients, and 25g beetroot and 25g fruit purée to the other half.
  • For pink-only cookies, add the whole 100g puréed beetroot to the dry ingredients.
  • For purple-only cookies, add 50g beetroot purée and 50g fruit purée to the dry ingredients.

Do not, I repeat NOT, use roasted beetroot in this recipe, it will be too dry. Make sure to mix your cookie batters really well or you’ll have pale spots in your cookies.

Two blue bowls, one with pink cookie batter, one with purple

Don’t add extra fruit purée, or take away any beetroot purée to make the cookies more purple, as the fruit purée doesn’t hold it’s colour as well as the beetroot. You’ll end up with brown-purple cookies. Or brown cookies with a purple tinge. Taste great, but don’t look great…

I chilled the batter/batters in the fridge for at least half an hour to thicken them up and stop the batter spreading in the oven, but this is totally optional as the batter doesn’t really spread that much.

When spooning the cookie batter onto the sheets, if you want thicker cookies just use a small ladle or ice-cream scoop to deposit the batter and they will flatten a little in the oven. I like BIG cookies so I wet my hands with water and flattened and rounded the batter more.

Scoops of pink cookie batter on baking paper
(Not shaped)
Round flattened pink cookie batter on baking paper
(Flattened and rounded with wet hands)

Bake at 180C or 160C fan for between 13-16 minutes. 13 minutes will result in a softer, tasty cookie, while 16 will be firmer, but the colour may be compromised if the cookies start to brown.

Leave to cool on the baking sheets, when mostly cool you can remove them to wire racks if you’d prefer to help them firm up even more.

Enjoy your Chocolate Walnut Cookies!

A picture of a snapped pink cookie with melted chocolate chunks

Enjoy these chunky cookies with a glass of non-dairy milk, or even better, with a scoop of non-dairy ice-cream on top while they are still warm from the oven. Or package with cellophane and a pretty ribbon to give away (if you can bring yourself to part with them!).

Yield: 10

Chocolate Walnut Cookies - Vegan, Pink, Purple & Fabulous!

A stack of pink and purple cookies next to a glass with non-dairy milk in it

These tasty vegan cookies are pretty as a picture and coloured naturally. Enjoy them warm from the oven when the chocolate chunks are melted with a scoop of non-dairy ice-cream on top. Perfect for Valentine's Day, showers and birthdays!

Prep Time 40 minutes
Cook Time 13 minutes
Total Time 53 minutes


Dry Ingredients

  • 1 cup sugar, around 265g
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 ½ cups flour, 185 g
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • 150 g Vegan dark chocolate
  • 60 g Walnuts
  • 115 g Cranberries, optional, can also be substituted with raisins

Wet Ingredients

  • ¼ cup oil
  • ¼ cup non-dairy milk, 60 ml
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • 75 g beetroot, 100g if only making pink cookies, 50g if only purple
  • 25 g fruits of the forest, 0g if only making pink cookies, 50g if only purple


  1. Mix the sugar, salt, flour and baking powder together in one bowl.
  2. Roughly chop the dark chocolate and walnuts into chunks approximately the size you'd like in your cookie, and mix them into the bowl with the other dry ingredients.
  3. Now decide whether you're making pink and purple cookies, just pink cookies, or just purple cookies. If you're making any purple ones and have frozen fruits of the forest, measure out the amount needed and zap in the microwave until defrosted.
  4. Blend the beets and/or fruits of the forest into purées, separately.
  5. If you're making both purées, I find it easier to separate the well-mixed ingredients now. Alternatively you could use two bowls from the beginning. Add the respective amounts of purée to each bowl and mix well.
  6. - For pink and purple cookies add 50g beet purée to half the dry ingredients, and 25g beet 25g fruit of the forest purée to the other half.
  7. - For pink cookies add 100g beet purée to all the dry ingredients.
  8. - For purple cookies add 50g fruit purée and 50g beet purée to all the dry ingredients.
  9. Mix together the wet ingredients and divide between the pink and purple batter and mix really really really well. If you're only making one colour of cookies then just add all the wet ingredients to that bowl. Mix very well, don't worry about toughening the cookies.
  10. Place the bowl/s in the fridge to chill for 30 minutes, turning the oven on to heat up for the last ten minutes at 180C or 160C fan.
  11. I make 10 large cookies with this recipe, so scoop cookie dough onto two baking paper lined sheets.
  12. Decide whether you'd like to round your cookies and have thicker cookies, or flatten them so that you have large thin cookies. If you flatten them, it's easier to do it with wet hands as the batter is sticky.
  13. Place the two sheets in the middle part of the oven. Bake for between 13-16 minutes depending on how soft or hard you prefer.
  14. Remove from the oven and leave to cool on the baking sheets. These cookies are soft and take a while to firm up as they cool down, so make sure they are firm enough to be picked up before you attempt to transfer them to a wire rack.
  15. Can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container for up to a week.


Bake these cookies on baking paper. The batter is sticky and the cookies will be impossible to remove from the pan without baking paper.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 417Total Fat 17gSaturated Fat 4gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 12gCholesterol 2mgSodium 175mgCarbohydrates 63gFiber 3gSugar 41gProtein 5g

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  1. These are so pretty!!! I love how you’ve managed to achieve the colour through using natural ingredients. Less chemicals and more nutrients. A winner all-round! As you said, these cookies will be just perfect for sharing on Valentine’s Day! ☺️


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