A baguette of garlic bread on aluminum foil with a polla dotted white teatowel

Easy 15-minute Vegan Garlic Bread Recipe

Tired of sad disappointing pre-made garlic bread? I sure am! Give me tons of garlic and oozy melty goodness. Enter this recipe for the best vegan garlic bread, ready in just 15 minutes!

top down view of penne arrabbiata with a sprig of fresh basil

The Best Arrabbiata Sauce Recipe EVER

Arrabiata is my absolute favorite vegetarian pasta sauce! This easy arrabbiata sauce recipe uses minimal ingredients and time (30 minutes!) to bring you the best pasta sauce EVER!

front view of mexican rice in a brown dish with lemon slices in the background

The Best Vegan Mexican Rice

This vegan Mexican rice recipe has diced tender peppers, onions, and sweetcorn popping in your mouth, carried there by some incredibly savory moist yet fluffy rice.

sliced sushi topped with orange sauce and crunchy onions

Easy Sweet Potato Sushi Rolls

These sweet potato sushi rolls combine teriyaki-glazed sweet potato chunks with cool crunchy cucumber, green onion, and creamy avocado for an amazing sushi experience that’s also vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free!