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Epic Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes

Happy holidays and welcome to this epic vegan Christmas dinner recipes roundup! It’s true that there are other vegan Christmas food recipe roundups out there, but this one focuses on more traditional holiday recipes closer to what I ate growing up in Ireland.

collage of vegan christmas dishes

That means no appetizers, but lots of comforting sides, one or two mains, and a decadent dessert or two to round it off.

Of course, when I was a kid we would have a big turkey and a baked ham and other non-veggie friendly sides such as bacon-wrapped sausages, and I’m obviously not interested in repeating those memories now.

But creamy scalloped potatoes, roast potatoes, potato croquettes (yup as many types of potato dishes as possible), roasted vegetables, Brussel sprouts, stuffing galore…..with some tasty mains to take the place of meat, and some gorgeous vegan Christmas desserts riffing on traditional favourites?

I’ll take all that and more, please. With 26 beautiful show-stopping vegan recipes in this post, contributed by the most talented food bloggers on the web, we’ll all be spoiled for choice this holiday.

Why no Christmas appetizers?

Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good appetizer. But I like to save my stomach space for my Christmas dinner. Much like Sunday lunch back home, Christmas dinner was normally not served at the usual dinnertime in my family, but more between lunch and dinnertime (with no lunch in between).

Of course, because the kids normally wake up early on Christmas day, this can lead to a lot of I’M STARVING complaints before lunch. So this year I’m going to do a predinner appetizer an hour or so before lunch, which I can make ahead.

grapes, crackers and a festive cranberry pistachio green and red vegan cheese

Some crusty vegan soda bread, baked the day before (sorry not sorry, no extra cooking on Christmas day for me) paired with this beautiful festive cranberry jelly and pistachio nut vegan cheese from the amazing My Pure Plants website, also perfect for making ahead.

Easy vegan Christmas dinner food

No time to waste in planning or grocery shopping for your impressive vegan Christmas dinner? Then use this section to jump ahead and get straight to where you need to be. With just three carefully curated sections encompassing vegan Christmas dinner mains recipes, side dishes, and desserts, we promise to not drag you down the rabbit hole as you plan ahead (drooling over the gorgeous recipes is optional).

Easy vegan Christmas dinner main dish recipes

Into the nitty-gritty of vegan Christmas food, I present to you some spectacular main dishes to replace the meat dishes of our childhoods. Will you be preparing one or two? With gluten-free options, healthy options, high protein counts and beautiful presentation, these are the dishes your Christmas table needs!

Vegan Christmas Dinner Main Dish Ideas

Struggling to find a beautiful vegan centerpiece for your Christmas dinner, or just feeling a bit more plant-based this year? We've got you covered with this collection of beautiful Christmas main dish recipes (all vegan).

Easy vegan Christmas dinner side dishes

My husband is Omni and so will sometimes prepare a meat dish for Christmas dinner. I make sure to have plenty of sides so that everyone is happy (vegan Christmas sides of course). In fact, sometimes I don’t even bother with a vegan main dish as give me a plate of roasted potatoes, scalloped potatoes, stuffing, and veggies and I’ll be happy.

Vegan Christmas Dinner Side Dish Ideas

All the sides you could ever want to complete your delicious vegan Chrismas dinner. Delicious old favourites and twists on timeless ingredients make up these beautiful side dishes.

Easy vegan Christmas dinner desserts

Sure as I’m Irish, I will prepare a luscious traditional Irish vegan Christmas cake (veganized) every year weeks before Christmas dinner, and wrap it in layers of smooth soft marzipan and vegan royal icing in the days leading up to Christmas, while getting my kids to help decorate it as a family tradition.

But as my Nan used to always do, I love to go all out and have a second spectacular dessert. Check out this selection of beautiful modern riffs on traditional Christmas desserts.

Vegan Christmas Dessert Ideas

The luscious icing on the cake, this mixture of traditional Christmas desserts are all vegan and ready for your family or guests to drool over this holiday season!

Your easy vegan Christmas dinner menu

So, what will you make for Christmas dinner? I tend to err on the side of:

  • One vegan main (I love a good vegan Wellington)
  • Five side dishes (stuffing, roast potatoes, scalloped potatoes, plus two more vegetable dishes)
  • Two desserts

And the best part about your sumptuous vegan Christmas dinner? With no salmonella or other meat-or-dairy-or-egg-based food hygiene issues to worry about, you can make most of your side dishes ahead of time and save yourself the annual Christmas dinner stress and rushing around on the holiday.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

Let me know in the comments below what you are planning on having for your Christmas dinner, or take a picture on the day and tag me on Instagram (@the_fiery_vegetarian). For some easy Christmas planning, you can also check out my Vegan Christmas recipes board on Pinterest.

Don’t forget to show some comment love on the recipe pages I know you’ll be trying and loving, which many amazing bloggers contributed to this roundup.

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